Technology is revolutionising HR. Are you ready for the new age?

Caught in the crossfire
The world of HR is fast changing, and has been for a while. The world of business moves at an increasingly fast pace and with the recent adjustments to the new normal, businesses have seen an unprecedented and accelerated level of change. And their HR teams? HR teams are caught in the middle between senior management and the company’s workforce. They must keep up and meet the demands of their teams, the employees and management. All this while continuing to evolve and develop more efficient ways of handling it all.

The turn of the millennium brought with it new complexities for the role of the HR manager. Previously it was defined as a position for administrative tasks and personnel management, staying on top of piles of paperwork and filing. A cumbersome and time consuming task – along with managing tasks such as payroll and taking on new hires. The role has since moved towards managing employee engagement and retention, as well as building of company culture. Their responsibilities now go beyond the administrative, meaning HR team leaders need to be able to think on a bigger and broader scale.
Changing Landscape
On top of this, employees now expect more of their HR managers. They feel that companies should have more efficient processes in place, with less paperwork. They know their time is valuable, and would rather not make appointments with HR managers when the task can be done through automated software. Workers of today want to be able to apply for their leave and get immediate approval. Nobody wants the worry that their paperwork will get lost in piles of other peoples’ paperwork.

These changes were making themselves known long before 2020, but the rise of the pandemic gave way for remote working to become more viable, and so created a greater push towards changing the way companies, HR, and employees work. Remote work, while having many benefits, puts an increased pressure on HR systems and requires a more connected and efficient approach to processes and team procedures.
New Opportunities
All this change is not a bad thing. In fact, it actually provides opportunities to move towards a more efficient, streamlined, and time-saving approach. It calls for automation and investing in programs that will simplify a company’s whole approach to HR.

DataByte has developed a solution to the HR managers problems. WorkForce People is the HR suite that is ready to help companies navigate the shift to remote work. More than that, to navigate the shift within the business world so that HR managers and their teams can find a long-term system that will become their secret to success, and ultimately, will save them time and money.

An all in one system, like WorkForce People, will become key to riding the waves of change in business. In 2021 it an expected necessity, that HR managers can instantly access data and retrieve employee documents from a database, without painstakingly having to find it for themselves. Unnecessary paperwork slows the team down, which ultimately will lead to HR managers having less time on their hands to be able to work on more important tasks that add greater value to company culture.

This leads to lower employee engagement and retention. Looking to the future, the HR team will continue to be the driving force for many initiatives as the future organisation takes shape. Things like making the workforce more flexible, prioritising strategic planning, performance management. The HR team can also help C-suite leaders push forward to accomplish more ambitious goals, establish a stronger purpose and overall improve employee experience, while simplifying the organisation’s day to day running.
Invest in the future
The choice is simple: change or fall behind. Choosing the right software partner is essential with an increasingly agile and restless workforce. This element will only continue to become a stronger tool to have under your belt as an HR manager, looking for a way to juggle it all.

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