June 2022

Updates to the TimeKeeper remote clockings by mobile phone

Two new detail fields Accuracy and Address were added to the pop up that gives you the details of the clocking, when clicking the location icon:

Accuracy: The Administrator will now know the accuracy of the punch in meters.

Location Address: The Administrator will now also have available the address details.

May 2022

WorkForce Leave

DataByte is pleased to announce the addition of the new Leave Calendar. View who is absent from work with various types of views such as calendar view or even list views, on any specific day by filtering and adjusting information as needed.

APRIL 2022

WorkForce Core

New feature called User Security Check is now visible for all WorkForce Administrators. WorkForce Administrators from now can view when users last accessed WorkForce, when they last Changed the password, who makes use of the 2FA, and can also send Password Reset Email to all other users within the company.

WorkForce People

New updates have been implemented to WorkForce People’s Dashboard to show reminders such as: Upcoming Birthdays, work anniversaries, termination etc..

MARCH 2022

WorkForce Core

A new feature in WorkForce Core called Notifications will allow you to create custom notifications (sent as email) triggered at a time you will set and for specific conditions you require.

WorkForce People

DataByte is pleased to announce a new feature for WorkForce People called Files, which will surely help you organize your offices, since all the CV’s, police conducts, licences etc can be scanned and saved in each employees profile according, if that employee has a People Licence.

Bureau Information search function

A search function is now available for our Bureau clients that will help them search through their client list.


WorkForce Leave

Further updates were implemented to include search shortcuts in the view requests section.


WorkForce Leave

DataByte has deployed an update to the Leave Module, a faster way to book leave and view the leave requests.

The End of Year process page, was also updated.

WorkForce People

The HR Calendar was optimised to include more filters, which will facilitate your search options.


WorkForce Core

New feature for Payroll Service Providers to better manage their clients. The new page is called Bureau Information and it provides a summary of payroll clients, employee counts, last payroll and licence status. The feature is part of the WorkForce Core module and is accessible to administrators of the main company


WorkForce People

We are pleased to announce that we have optimized the HR Calendar for customers who have People licences. Our aim was to make it faster, more intuitive, have a quick overview of all the events for that day and you can also choose a whole Month to view events by Month.


WorkForce Payroll

We are happy to announce a more enhanced version of the process payroll with an increased level in performance.

WorkForce Reruitment

We are pleased to inform you that now you can purchase the Recruitment Module, which with the help of workflows will allow you to create vacancies, post them and manage the responses.

WorkForce Surveys

We are pleased to inform you that now you can purchase the Surveys Module, which with the help of workflows will allow you to create surveys, post them and manage the responses.


WorkForce People

The full version of WorkForce People now includes a fully-fledged HR Management system which allows you to manage Onboarding/Offboarding, Training and Performance Appraisals. The system also allows you to create custom fields for your employee database. 


WorkForce People

New Manage Employees Module

Workforce now has a newer and faster version of the manage employees module, allowing multiple updates wto employee details in a fraction of the time.  

JULY 2021

WorkForce Payroll

Director Fees Feature

A director fees feature was implemented in WorkForce Payroll. 

Date From and to for Fixed Payroll Data and Fringe Benefits 

Now the system allows you to set dates when allocating fixed payroll data and fringe benefits to employees.

JUNE 2021

WorkForce People

Employee History  

We have now added the Employee History Function for everyone which allows you to view all the changes that have been made within the employee’s details. 

Training Module 

A new training module on WorkForce People whereby a user can set up and assign training to specific employees and receiving reminders when due date is approaching. 

July 2021.

Core WorkForce

New Data Retention Service 

This service allows the system to retain your data for as long as you need allowing you also to re-process data for the months during which the product was licenced. 

MAY 2021

WorkForce Payroll

Changing Employment Type 

The system now allows Users the ability to change employment type for already processed employees in pay runs.

Removing Employees From Pay Runs 

The system now allows Users the ability to remove employees from pay runs after the run has already been processed.

MARCH 2021

Updates On Mobile App  

The App has been updated to include further filtering of clockings. We also made some updates to enhance compatibility with the latest versions of Android. 


Core WorkForce

Updated Payroll Signature

The tool to upload the signature on FSS documents has been updated to allow for more formats and sizes of images containing signatures. This tool also includes an image cropping feature to allow for more flexibility. This tool can be found under Settings > Payroll on https://core.workforce.com.mt

Updated Company Logo

The tool to upload the company logo for it to display on several reports (including Payslips) has been updated to allow for more formats and sizes of images. This tool also includes an image cropping feature to allow for more flexibility. This tool can be found under Settings > Organisation on https://core.workforce.com.mt

Updated Employee Photo

The tool to upload the employee photo in WorkForce People has been updated to allow for more formats and sizes of images. This tool also includes an image cropping feature to allow for more flexibility. This tool can be found within the Basic Details tab of every employee.

Updated Company List Layout for Payroll Bureaus

The company selection tool for bureaus has been updated to show the main company and the main company’s clients accordingly.

Updated Payroll Analysis Report

The report has been updated for the totals to appear more clearly.

WorkForce Leave

Updated Leave administration options for public holidays

The system now prompts administrators when they book leave on a public holiday so that the administrator can choose whether to take the day as leave or to skip the request for that day.


Core WorkForce

Updated Import file for Payroll

The import file and Employee Import have been updated to include items such as Company Email Address and Sickness/Injury Benefit type.

WorkForce Payroll

Yearly Payroll Health Check

Before you go through the end of year process for 2020, you can now run a health check on your data to identify any anomalies which need to be tacked. Read more about the new feature here.

New Payslip Format

We have redesigned the payslips as from 2021 and have included several customisations which you can make. Read more about the new payslip features here.

New Overtime Reports

To help understand the Overtime information of employees linked to the payroll module, we have included 2 additional reports that can be generated from the reports page. These reports detail a breakdown of all Overtime and the First 100 Hours of Overtime.