January 2020 WorkForce Announcements

WorkForce: Payroll and Leave Management modules have just been given a boost

Over the last few months our development team have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to enhance some of our cloud-based HR software modules from the ground up, with performance and security being the number one priority.

Last month we released an updated version of the WorkForce Payroll module which apart from receiving several user-interface and security improvements, has proved to perform faster than ever before.

An update made to this software module now allows for the payroll administrator to start processing payroll whilst being able to work on other tasks within the app, which previously was not possible.

This week we also released an updated version of the WorkForce Leave module which also provides similar upgrades. This application is now working a lot more efficiently providing better loading times which will be noticed especially by medium and larger sized organisations with many employees.

Currently, our development team are focusing on our upcoming Android app for WorkForce which will allow employees to have the main features that they use within WorkForce in the palm of their hand. Together with this, the layer within WorkForce which manages employee and company data is also being rebuilt to improve the overall user experience.

More news on the upcoming mobile app and WorkForce updates will be available soon.

Announcement: Overtime regulations for 2020

During the last Budget speech, a new scheme was announced whereby Income tax on overtime is to be reduced to 15% on the first 100 hours above regular hours for those earning up to €20,000 in basic income and who are not in a management position.

As per IRD’s (Inland Revenue Department) instructions, this scheme has not been implemented as yet, and no new information has been made available since.

We will announce the details accordingly as soon as instructions are released from the IRD. We will update WorkForce Payroll accordingly to reflect the change in regulations.

More news on the upcoming mobile app and WorkForce updates will be available soon.

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