Feature Spotlight:
Importing Bulk Payroll Adjustments into WorkForce Payroll

Payroll adjustments for small companies can be a fairly simple task with a small number of employees, as these can be done very quickly. With larger organisations, the number of employees increases significantly, and the time and effort to make manual payroll adjustments can increase exponentially.

We have solved this issue with the inclusion of a bulk import tool for the payroll system which allows payroll administrators to bulk upload all of their payroll adjustments in the form of an excel sheet, which could potentially be an output from a third-party application.

Month over month, this feature can become a very useful tool as it allows a payroll administrator to quickly import any bulk additions and deductions that they need to, without the need of switch between the part of the application where fixed monthly adjustments can be added and the payroll software module. WorkForce Payroll also allows for additions and deductions to be set in the case that they are weekly, fortnighly, four-weekly or monthly.

This feature forms part of WorkForce Payroll, which is payroll software for Malta, that forms part of the DataByte WorkForce HR System. This software was designed from the ground up to allow for HR teams to be more flexible, agile and efficient. This software also caters for multiple organisations making it the perfect payroll software for Payroll Service Providers.

The benefits and features available within WorkForce Payroll have already increased the productivity and efficiency of hundreds of companies in Malta and Gozo. If you want your company to benefit from these features, get in touch with us today, or Register for access to the WorkForce Demo Presentation

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