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How can WorkForce People help you in organising your files?

Does your office resemble the above picture? Do you literally have papers everywhere you lay eyes on? DataByte has a solution to fix this.

WorkForce People Files will help you centralise all the scattered papers found in the offices into one cloud solution, whereas having full and clear visibility of all the Files just by having an internet connection available.

Files in WorkForce People allows Administrators to keep track of Files that can be uploaded and kept in Folders.

Public and Employee Folders

Files in WorkForce People are split in two folders, Public Folder and Employee Folder.

For an employee to have a folder, the employee must be linked with WorkForce People.

The main difference between the Public and Employee Folder is that in the Public Folder, generic company-related files can be uploaded (these relate to all Employees in the company), for example, Employee Handbook, company policies such as the Internet Usage Policies, Health and Safety manual, and so on. On the other hand, files that relates directly to the employee, such as, the employee contact, CV, work-related certificates etc. can be uploaded on the employee’s respective folder.

Example of Public Folder

In the below example, the Public folder was selected, the list of the files that are available in the Public is shown.

Example of Employee Folder

Each licenced employee for WorkForce People, will automatically have a folder. Below, we can see Robert Brown’s Folder and all the files uploaded as an example.

Setting up Categories

Categories are required when adding new Files to the system and are used to define a retention period for Files.

To access the Categories section, click on the ‘Setup’ section in the left-hand side menu, followed by ‘Categories’ and there the administrator can create Categories.

How to upload a File into a Folder

First step is to determine were the file needs to be uploaded (whether in the Public folder or Employee folder)

Let us take an example on uploading a file to the Public Folder:

From the Filter folder select Public and press search. The list of Files in that specific Folder will be shown. To upload a new file press on ‘Upload File/s’:

Upon pressing Upload File/s the below window will pop up allowing you not only to upload the file but also add all the necessary information needed specifically for that file.

To upload the file, there are two options:

  1. Drop files to upload
  2. Press the folder icon bottom right as per above image

How to send a file to the Employee’s Portal

All uploaded files can be sent to the employees’ Portal.

There are two ways that a file can also be sent to the Employee’s Portal, so that the Employee has a copy of the file:

Note: Every file that is sent to the Employee’s Portal, will go to each licenced employee for WorkForce People.

Note: If a Public file is sent to employee’s portal, the file is sent to all employees’ Portal. If an employee file is sent to portal, the file is only sent to the specific employee’s portal.

From the Public Folder, select the file/s that needs to be sent to the Employee’s portal

Method 1:

As per the above image, the box of the file that needs to be sent to the portal was ticked (multiple files can be ticked)

Click Send to Portal and notice that now there is a green icon next to the file name, that means that the file was successfully sent to every Employee’s Portal.

Method 2:

Press upload File/s and there one can find the option to send to the Employee Portal

Actions available:

Furthermore, to sending a file to the portal more options are available:

  • Send to Portal – will send the chosen Files to all the Employee’s Portals
  • Remove from Portal – will remove the chosen Files from the Employee’s Portals
  • Recycle – upon utilising this option that chosen file will be recycled but not deleted, giving you just the option to download the file, but not edit it
  • Restore Recycle – this will undo the recycle option, and the file can be edited again
  • Delete – once a file is deleted, this cannot be retrieved again

How to edit existing Files

You can edit an existing File by pressing the Edit button provided:

Upon pressing the edit option, the edit file window will allow you to make the necessary updates, then press save accordingly.

How Files are displayed on the Employee’s Profile on WorkForce People

All files uploaded in an employee folder are all accessible by WorkForce People Admins from the respective employee profile, as shown below.

How Files are displayed on the Employee’s Portal

This is Robert Brown’s Employee Portal, to the left there are the three files that were sent to his profile, Robert has also the option to download the files.