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What payroll-related reports can I extract?

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The section to generate Payroll Reports can be accessed from the left-hand side menu of WorkForce or the WorkForce Payroll module.

Payroll Reports selected in the Reporting Section

This section allows for the following reports to be extracted:

  • – Payslips (A report showing all payslips for a particular run)
  • – Payroll Analysis (A report showing a breakdown of payroll per department and employee for a run)
  • – Field Export (A report where the user chooses as to which fields will be shown in the report)
  • – Salary Changes Report
  • – SEPA Report (A report showing the Direct Credit details that are available in the SEPA Direct Credit file export)
  • – FS3 Report
  • – FS5 Report and Breakdown
  • – FS7
  • – Worked Hours (A report showing the total hours worked within a selected time period. This report is generally used by companies who submit the amount of hours worked to the National Statistics Office every quarter)

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