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What is the difference between a user and an employee?

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A user is a person who can log in to the system with a username and password. Your organisation can have as many users as you need,and no licence is needed for a user.

An employee is a person for whom you are collecting or processing data. This employee may or may not have a username linked to them depending on the product. An employee needs to be licensed in the system to be able to process their data like payroll, time & attendance or leave records.

In some cases,you can have a user which is not an employee, for example the IT administrator may have access to the system as the Administrator, but his leave or payroll is not processed by the system.

In other cases,you can have a user which is both a user and an employee, for example a user/employee who log in to the system to be able to book or manage their leave records.

Finally, you could also have cases where you have employees who are not users because they do not need to log in to the system, for example employees whose payroll is processed by the system.

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