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What is an Attlog and how do I upload one?

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Note: As in some cases Biometric Punch Clocks would not be able to connect directly to the software due to there being no internet connection, Timekeeper Administrators may need to download clockings onto a USB stick to transfer them to the software.

Attlogs are files generated by the punch clocks, which contain clockings together with the employee badge number per clocking. In the case that a punch clock cannot submit clockings to the software automatically, Attlogs can be downloaded onto a USB stick through a quick manual intervention and can be uploaded to the software from Clockings > Upload Attlog within Timekeeper.

To ensure that all clockings from the file have will be uploaded, the page where Attlogs can be uploaded from contains an information frame which shows the transaction count, together with the first and last transaction on the file. If any clockings will not be uploaded, this information frame will let the Administrator know.

Attlog upload page

Can I edit an Attlog?

Our first recommendation is for the Administrator to hold onto an additional copy of the file downloaded directly from the punch clock as in the event that a file is edited incorrectly, the Administrator will always be able to revert to the original file as it was extracted from the punch clock.

Attlogs can be opened and edited in a text-based editor (like Notepad), however, it is of the utmost importance that when making updates to the file, the format and form of the file is kept exactly the same as it was downloaded without any additional spaces or empty lines as that can cause the file upload to fail.

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