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How does an employee login and request leave?

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A WorkForce Administrator or the HR team should provide an employee with a user account to request leave by accessing DataByte Leave.

Once the employee has been invited to use WorkForce, the employee can login by simply visiting and clicking the ‘Launch’ button for WorkFoce Leave in order to access the leave module.

Leave module access box

How to Submit a Leave Request

WorkForce Leave Calendar for Employees

The employee should click on a day where they would like to book leave, and a lightbox will appear showing their leave balances together with additional fields to provide more information about their leave request.

Employee Leave Request Submission

They should start by selecting the type of leave that they would like to book by expanding the drop down menu underneath ‘What Leave Type do you want to request?’.

Selecting an item in this drop down menu will allow employees see your leave entitlement for that particular Leave Type. After selecting the Leave Type, they can proceed with unchecking the ‘All day’ checkbox if they would like to request some hours as leave rather than a full working day, and set the hours they would like to request accordingly. Should they be requesting more than 1 full day of leave, they can update the End Date by clicking on date and selecting a new date.

As a final step, they can also input a remark if necessary, followed by a click of the ‘Request Leave’ button.

Leave Calendar Legend

Leave Calendar Legend

The Leave Calendar below shows a public holiday and a number of different leave requests displayed in some different colours, which are explained below:

  • – Purple: Denotes a national public holiday
  • – Green: Denotes approved vacation leave
  • – Grey: Denotes an item that requires approval
  • – Blue: Denotes approved sick leave
  • – Dark Purple: Denotes an item awaiting cancellation
  • – Red: Denotes a rejected leave request
  • – Yellow: Denotes approved leave that is not vacation or sick leave


After submitting a request for leave, the approver will receive an email letting them know about the request. Once approved or rejected, the employee will receive an email notification. An example is shown below:

Leave Notification

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