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What do I need to do to finalise my WorkForce Payroll setup and start processing payroll?

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Field configuration

We recommend that you start by accessing the product settings to ensure that all fields and payslip settings are configured to your liking. These can be accessed through the settings option in Payroll.

The field configuration screen shown above displays a number of the fields which you may adjust to suit the terminology of your company. Each field displays whether it is a taxable item and features options to hide the field if it contains no data for the payslip and Dept. Analysis as well as whether it should be included and calculated accordingly in pay slips with Part-time hours.

After updating a field an icon will appear on the right hand side of the row to provide the user with an option to revert to the default setting.

Note: Changing any field information will affect any pre-existing Employee fixed payroll data entries.

Creating new payroll fields in the Field Configuration section

To be able to cater for larger organisations, WorkForce Payroll allows for additional fields to be created in order to satisfy all of the different adjustments that they may need to offer. To create new fields, simply go to the bottom of the Field Configuration page, add the name of the adjustment into the text field, select whether it is an addition or a deduction by selecting the + or – from the dropdown menu, select whether is taxable, tick any of the other boxes as explained above and click the disk icon to save the newly created field.

Adding a new Payroll field

Payslip Settings

WorkForce Payroll allows you to set what information is displayed on payslips.

These include:


  • – Print Payslips with Zero (0) net pay
  • – Print employee address
  • – Print Fulltime working hours
  • – Print overtime breakdown
  • – Always If not zero
  • – Print IBAN
  • – Print postal address
  • – Print one payslip per page
  • – Get payslip data from API


  • – Processed by
  • – Checked by
  • – Issued by
  • – Received by

Leave Details

  • – Show Leave Details
  • – Show Sick Leave
  • – Show Sick Leave Entitlement
  • – Show Leave Booked Till End of Year

These can be set by accessing the Payroll module, opening the Setup menu, and selecting Payslip settings.

Setting Custom Bonus Dates

Note: This process should take place before the first Bonus for the year is paid, and will also require to be set yearly.

WorkForce Payroll allows for custom dates to be set for paying the Government Bonus and Allowances for organisations who do not pay monthly. These can be set by clicking Settings > Custom Bonuses within the payroll module. After selecting the year and the run types, proceed to set a Payday and an Issue Date.

Custom Bonus Settings in Payroll

Please see this article on the yearly processes to finalise your setup and start processing payroll:

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