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What are the yearly processes required to start processing payroll?

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Initialising Payroll Year

To initialise your payroll year, simply click ‘Initialise Year’ from the main menu in Payroll and select your frequency for issuing payslips followed by the year that you would be starting and the first Monday or Monday/Sunday depending on the option that you have selected, followed by the ‘Save’ button.

Hint: The objective of this Initialisation procedure is to set the first process run number and map out the all-important Mondays for the year that are the basis of the NI and Maternity Leave Contribution calculations.

Initialising a Payroll year in WorkForce

How do I make Bulk Wage Adjustments?

This is an optional feature to use, however, should you wish to make company-wide bulk wage adjustments, (such as the case of a COLA) simply click ‘Bulk Wage Adjustment’ from the main menu of Payroll, set the date that the adjustment is effective from, set the weekly adjustment amount, select the employment type, select the checkbox for ‘Update Future Salary Changes’ should the change be for all future payslips and finally click the ‘Save’ button.

Hint: Should you wish to make different wage adjustments, WorkForce Payroll allows for filters to be added so that you can drill down employees by Departments, Teams or Frequency that they are paid with.

Bulk Wage Adjustment Tool in WorkForce Payroll

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