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What are projects and how do I set them up in Timekeeper?

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Projects can be setup to allow for remote clocking within a set radius of a location to be grouped for a report. A project can be setup by accessing the Timekeeper application, followed by ‘Setup’, ‘Projects’ and finally ‘New Project’.

This feature allows administrators to select an area from which their mobile users can clock-in and clock-out on using DataByte Timekeeper.

Depending on the employees’ browser settings, they would need to allow location access from their web browser. The fields to fill in for a project are: Project Name, Description, Status, Colour, Radius (in metres), and finally you would need to select the location where the work will be taking place on a map. Clicking ‘Save’ will store the project in Timekeeper.


A useful report to see where employees punched in from if projects are setup, is the Projects Report. Please see the reporting section of this document to learn more.

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