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What are clocking types and overtime types, and how can they be set?

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Clocking types are details that can be added with a clocking and selected from the punch clock by the employee creating the clocking.

Note: Clocking types can be set on the latest version of devices pictured above, under the ‘Work Codes’ section.

Once a user clocks in, they will be presented with the Work Codes listed on the device and they would need to select one in order for this detail to appear. Overtime types are essentially hours that will appear as overtime in Timekeeper reports and Payroll.

These can be set for hours worked: After hours, Public holidays, Saturdays, Sunday and Public holidays as well as Sundays. The Clocking types section allows for different Clocking Types and Overtime Types to be set within Timekeeper. These can be set by accessing the ‘Setup’ section in Timekeeper, followed by ‘Clocking types’.

To add a new clocking type, you would need to provide a name for the clocking type and click ‘Add’. Once completed, a new entry will appear in the table and you would need to select an ‘Overtime Type’.

Clocking Types Section in WorkForce Timekeeper

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