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Welcome to the WorkForce all-new Leave Handling module.

What the user will find in this document:

Introduction to the new layout:

The new Leave Calendar is now called ‘Book Leave’. This is because the Book Leave menu item leads the user to this page to book a leave request:

Book Leave

On the left-hand side of the screen, users find by default the calendar for the current calendar year and can shift from one year to another by clicking on the required year at the top of the calendar or by clicking the required LEFT or RIGHT arrows, to display the calendar for the selected year (previous or upcoming).

For ease of reference users have the possibility to filter View Requests on this calendar: by entries that are Pending Approval, entries for ‘My Team’, and by ‘My Leave’ bookings.

  • Show/Hide My Pending entries: Will show/hide all the leave requests that are pending approval, and which must be approved by the Administrator, HR, or the Approver including their own entries if there are any such booked entries.
  • Show/Hide My Team’s: All approved requests within the Users’ Team will be displayed/hidden.
  • Show/Hide My Leave: All the User’s Approved/Rejected leave requests will be displayed/hidden.

Dates with a yellow line, indicates that someone from My Team is on leave on those dates.

Dates with a pink line under certain dates indicates a Public Holiday for that day. Details of these dates are shown when the user hovers on such dates.

How to request leave on behalf of an employee?

Launching the Leave Module and pressing on Book Leave menu item from the menu bar on the left will prompt users to the page from where they can view the calendar, request leave on their behalf or on behalf of an employee, and approve, delete, or reject such leave.

If a user wishes to book more than one day for the employee, say, from the 18th to the22nd  of April, by clicking the mouse on the first day (18th) and dragging the mouse to the 22nd , then the selected dates will be greyed in the calendar as shown below:

These selected dates will be displayed automatically on the right-hand side, seeing that 5 days were selected, they will appear in the ‘Date from’ and ‘Date to’ fields:

After the user selects the necessary dates, the user needs to select the employee for whom leave is being requested and the Leave Type to be booked for the selected date(s).

On the right-hand side of the page, the user can see relevant employee information such as leave entitlement and the remaining balances of the leave types for that employee.

Upon inserting date range, employee name and Leave Type, on the right-hand side a breakdown of Entitlement of the employee can be seen. When pressing on the Book Leave button, this will run a validation to check if the leave can be booked, if the system cannot book the leave request, a warning will pop up to notify as to why it cannot be booked. Eg:

Pressing ‘View Approved Request/s’ under the employee’s name allows a screen to pop up listing approved/unapproved leave for this employee so far:

The ‘Full-day’ (in relation to how much standard hours need to be booked for that day) is always ticked by default and this assumes the booking being made is for a Full Day.

If, however, the user wishes to book part of a day and determine which hours are required as leave, then the user must untick the ‘Full-day’ tick box, and the software will prompt for the input of the time ‘From’ and ‘To’ for which leave hours are required:

Note: The system does not accept a booking for a ‘Full Day’ if the employee selected is employed on a Flexible since there is no standard day length for this person. Eg:

Additionally, users can insert Remarks text (up to 200 characters) into every request that they do to support the leave booking:

How to request leave on behalf of multiple employees?

Pressing on Book Leave menu item on the menu bar on the left prompts users to the page from where they can view the leave calendar, request leave on their behalf or on behalf of one or many employees and also to approve, delete or reject leave.

The example below shows how a user can apply for leave for 4 employees for the same day. After selecting the appropriate date from the calendar and selecting the employees and the leave type, then pressing the Book Leave:

How to view, approve, delete and reject pending and approved requests?

New Feature: By pressing on any month heading on the leave calendar, all the requests for that month, for all employees will be shown on the right-hand side of the screen.

To the right, the fields automatically filled out,

And at the bottom, all the requests for that month are available:

Another method to filter by what is needed, is by manually inputting date ranges, employees, leave types and status accordingly, the below example shows what requests there are on the 4th February, 2022.

As per the above screenshot, as soon as the user presses on the View Requests, the most recent once have come up along with all the approved that there are on the selected date:

Note: The Administrator can either tick individual bookings for approval/rejection by ticking the appropriate tick boxes, or else, should all bookings need to be selected for approval the administrator can select all by ticking the tick box on the header.

Then users can choose if to Delete, Reject or Approve accordingly the selected dates.

Once users press Approve the below window will appear:

Users can also input an approval free text remark and hit ‘Continue’ to close the entry.

How to view who is on leave on any day:

To see who is on leave on any day, from the left menu click the View Requests. This page has the Calendar to the left, and the filters to the right:

Different filters available to help sort the view requests:

Now View Requests has these functions to help you filter to view requested leave by using Filters and Filter Shortcuts:

Upon pressing one of the Filter Shortcuts depending on what the Administrator would like to view,

Let us take an example as if the user pressed the ‘All pending requests this year’ –

It can be noticed that the filter shortcut ‘All pending requests this year’ is bold now since it was clicked to filter by it. To the left the fields changed: Date From and Date To now has the whole 2022, All employees, all leave types, and filter status is Pending.

The filter status helps users to select from leave bookings with a ‘Pending’, ‘Approved’, ‘Rejected’, and ‘Requested deletion’ status.

As for authorised users, the system allows them to book leave for either All employees, employees within a Team, and of course individually.

Leave Type will list all the types available for Administrators as set for that specific year. Employees will only see Vacation Leave as this is the only leave type allowed for their use.

To validate a user’s search requirements users should always click on the blue ‘Search’ button that will display the data as per search parameters selected.