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DataByte is pleased to announce the new Leave Calendar.

To view the Leave Calendar, you just need to Launch the leave module and press Leave Calendar from the left side menu:

The below is the view of the Leave Calendar, with all its new filters and features and upon clicking on the leave Calendar, it will automatically lead you to the current Month and Year for ease of reference.

Filters Available in the new Leave Calendar:

Date Filter:

The date filter allows you to change from month to month just by clicking on the needed month and then clicking the search button.

However, when you click on a particular date from the calendar, the date will change to that day and if you click on the calendar, you will notice that even the view of the filter option changes allowing you to view that whole month, as per below:

Note: Whatever you choose from the below options, you will notice it changes accordingly in the date filter

Filter employee/s:

The new Leave Calendar now gives you the opportunity to also filter by Department or Team, to view the leave requests for that specific period.

Example: In the below screenshots you can see the month of May 2022 for the operations and managerial departments for only vacation leave type for all the statuses:

Filtering by the Weekly List option will allow you to view who is on leave in that week:

Filtering by the Daily List option will allow you to view who is on leave on that specific day: