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If I need to change Employment Type for an employee, what should I do?

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In the event of an employee needing to have their Employment Type changed (For example: An employee changing from Part-Time to Full-Time), WorkForce requires that the original employee is given a termination date and duplicated as a new employee, this can be done from the Manage Employees section.

To do this:

  • – Launch WorkForce People
  • – Expand the Employees menu item by clicking on it, and click ‘List’
  • – Find the employee you would need to edit and click Edit on the employee that you wish to duplicate
  • – Once the employee page loads press the ‘Duplicate’ button, add in new details required by WorkForce Payroll and save the employee.

This process is required in order to have the correct employee data for each employment type in the case that pay runs need to be undone to a point in time before the employee changed, as well as to be able to differentiate the between employee types in terms of working schedule and leave transactions.

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