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If I need to change an employee’s details, but cannot due to finalised pay runs, what should I do?

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The explanation below describes a case of the process needed to change the ID card of an employee who already had been processed in pay runs.

Scenario: You would like to change the ID card number and/or birth date of an employee who has already been included in finalised pay runs. Due to FSS documentation accuracy, the system will not let you to change an ID Card number and Date of Birth of an employee if they have already been included in finalised payroll runs.

To remedy this, you need to:

  • – Undo payroll runs until the run number that an employee was included for the first time in the payroll process. Please see this article to undo pay runs:
  • – Change the ID card number and Date of Birth as required by updating the Employee from WorkForce People (Launch WorkForce People, Expand the Employees menu item by clicking on it, and click ‘List’, Click ‘Edit/View’ on the employee to update, change the necessary details and click ‘Save)
  • – Launch WorkForce Payroll, go to the Process Payroll page, click on Edit, select an employee affected by this update, reprocess the employees and refinilise.

For example: If an employee was engaged in August, you have to undo till payroll run number 8 (if you are running payroll monthly), change the employee’s ID Card number and Date of Birth, and then reprocess and refinalise.

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