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How to remove an employee from WorkForce Payroll

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Due to there being the need to completely remove employees from pay runs and any payroll reports occasionally, we have implemented the ability, to be able to do so.

Step 1: Undoing pay runs that the employee is included in

To remove an employee from a pay run, you will be required to undo your pay runs until the engagement date of the employee. This can be done by using the ‘Undo Run’ feature in WorkForce Payroll. For example, if the employee was engaged in January 2020, the pay runs for 2020 must be undone until pay run 1 of 2020.

Undoing a payrun in WorkForce Payroll

Step 2: Unlinking the employee from WorkForce Payroll

Once the pay runs have been undone, kindly proceed to unlink the employee from the payroll module. To unlink an employee, open the employee from the employee list in WorkForce People, and from the Product Links (on the top-right of the page) click on the pink Payroll product icon (for the employee to be unlinked, the Payroll product should be switched off). Then, click on save.

Step 3: Reprocessing the pay runs where the employee was included, for them to be removed

The next step is to reprocess all the employees to remove the employee from the pay run.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the ‘Keep Previous Parameters’ is ticked before processing all employees. This step must be repeated for all pay runs in which the employee was processed. Please note that some values may change due to reprocessing.

Before doing the above, please ensure that you have a copy of all the reports related to each pay run (for example, the Payroll Analysis report, FS5s, etc.).

Step 4: Generate any necessary WorkForce Payroll reports

After removing the employees from the pay runs and have reprocessed accordingly, proceed to generate all the FS5s for each month, the FS3s for all employees, and then the FS7 (and eLodgement if you are running the end of year process to file your data with CFR).

Payroll reports in WorkForce

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