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How to do I send approved working hours and overtime to the Payroll module?

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Once entries for a time frame have been approved, you may proceed to the ‘Lock Period’ page within the ‘Approvals’ menu on Timekeeper and:

  • – Select a ‘Date Range’ and ‘Team’ (in the event of all employees being approved, set the ‘Team’ value to all)
  • – Click ‘Lock’ and all time entries within the locked period set will be locked for the benefit of the Payroll module to be able to list approved hours and overtime hours accordingly.
Lock Period section in TimeKeeper

Note: Please note that once a date range is locked, it cannot be reversed for more than one period. A practical example of this would be, If you lock January and then lock February and then March. The system will allow you to unlock March but you can’t unlock February.

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