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How does a user reset their password?

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To reset their password, a user should visit the login screen and click the ‘Forgot yourpassword’ link underneath the password field. A text field will appear after the user clicks the link and then they would be required to insert the email address with which their account was created. After that point, they can click the ‘Reset’ button which will send an email to the user with instructions on how to update their password.

WorkForce Reset Password

Self-service password change

Users can change their password via their profile page. To access the profile page, a user needs to click on their initials or profile picture on the top, right-hand side of the screen, after which a box will appear.

By clicking on the ‘My Profile’ button, the user will arrive on their profile. Once on the page, the user would need to fill in the Current Password, New Password and Confirm Password fields before they can click the ‘Save Changes’ button in order to finalise their password change.

WorkForce User Profile

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