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How do I start off the year and provide leave entitlements to my employees?

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At the beginning of the year, the main action for the Administrator is to provide all employees with their Leave Entitlements accordingly.

These can be setup from Setup > Leave Types when in WorkForce Leave.

A number of Leave Types are already available in the ‘Select Leave Type;’ drop down menu, however the option is also available to create additional Leave Types if needed.

Leave Types page in WorkForce

The Leave Types available do not require a Leave Code or Description when being set up, however they would require a Date that the Leave is applicable from, a default entitlement in hours and a minimum amount of hours an employee can book.

Note: It is recommended that Administrators do not create new leave types that are already available as Default Leave Types (these are: Vacation <and Vacation Leave Carried Forward>, Unpaid Vacation, Unpaid Sick, Special Leave, Sick, Paternity, Maternity, Marriage, Injury Leave and Half Sick) as some integration features will not work as intended. Default Leave Types can be distinguished as they have a * (star) that appears after the Leave Type Name.

Further to these options, WorkForce Leave also allows for:

  • – Certain Leave Types to not be requested by employees
  • – Assigning of Leave Types to all employees
  • – The option for Leave Types not requiring approval
  • – Upon Saving the Leave Type, calculate Pro-Rata Leave Entitlements for new employees that are engaged during the same year

How to create Vacation Leave (Carried Forward)

If WorkForce Leave has not been used previously, and no Vacation Leave has been carried forward from the previous year, it can be added as a Leave Type and set up as shown below, in the Setup > Leave Type Section.

Note: A default entitlement of zero can be provided.

Adding Vacation (Carried Forward) Leave Type.

Next, visit the Setup > Employee Leave section in order to provide a custom entitlement for each employee accordingly.

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