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How do I setup a my Biometric Punch Clock (Time & Attendance device)?

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Note: The instructions provided cover Time & Attendance devices purchased from DataByte between 2017 and present, containing Face recognition, Fingerprint and RFID scanners.

To setup a device in Timekeeper, click ‘Setup’, followed by ‘Devices’ (You will arrive at this URL: and click ‘Add Device’.

Provide a Device Name, Device IP Address (which would be available from the device if DHCP is set, alternatively speak to your network administrator), Device Serial Number and select the Device Type. Set Project and Device Location if available, however filling in these fields is not mandatory.

Finally, you would need to click on the checkbox ‘Is Master’ if it would be the main or only device used, alternatively you would need to click on the checkbox ‘Syncs with Master’ if you have other devices already setup. Setting a device as a ‘Is Master’, would allow for the user data from the Master punch clock to be shared with the other punch clocks.

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