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How do I scan ID cards or Passports?

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When enabling the MRZ Reader functionality, the visitor form can be pre-filled by scanning the Identity Card or Passport in the ‘Add Visit’ page showing the ‘Visitor Details’ widget above.

To scan a document, place the code side facing down on the scanner and it will automatically start a scan, shortly after it will show the visitor’s details automatically in the form. The system will search for an existing visitor that has a matching ID card number to load their details into the form. If none are found, the form will treat it as a new visitor.

An example of an ID card

If a scan is not automatically triggered, you can force it by clicking the ‘scan’ button on the top right of the widget, next to the ‘search’ button. Please note that this ‘search’ button is only visible when the MRZ Reader is enabled.

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