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How do I request leave on behalf of an employee?

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The Leave Calendar below shows a public holiday and a number of different leave requests displayed in some different colours, which are explained below:

  • Purple: Denotes a national public holiday
  • Green: Denotes approved vacation leave
  • Grey: Denotes an item that requires approval
  • Blue: Denotes approved sick leave
  • Dark Purple: Denotes an item awaiting cancellation
  • Red: Denotes a rejected leave request
  • Yellow: Denotes approved leave that is not vacation or sick leave
Leave Calendar where Leave can be requested on behalf of employees

Leave Requests can be made for Employees by accessing the ‘Leave Calendar’ within the left hand side menu of WorkForce Leave. Once on the page, select a day for the Leave Entry and you will be presented with the lightbox shown below.

Once filled in and submitted, you may proceed to approve the Leave for the employee by clicking on the calendar entry, unless there is an approver for the employee.

Leave Request Lightbox where a Leave submission request is being made on behalf of an employee

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