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How do I provide my user account with access to the Visitors Module?

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Manage Users: Permissions for Visitors

After setting up your DataByte WorkForce account, select ‘Manage Users’ in the left-hand side menu of WorkForce. Select ‘Visitors’ from the drop-down menu to the far right and you can now provide yourself with Administrator access that will allow you full privileges within the system.

Visitors Setup and Settings

Within the Settings section of WorkForce and click Visitors, alternatively you can access the page at this URL:

WorkForce Visitors Settings page

The options you will be provided are listed and explained below:

  • Send email to officers upon arrival: The officer meeting the visitor will receive an email upon the arrival of the visitor
  • Enable Identity Card Scanner: The setting enables for a specific Identity Card Scanner to work in conjunction with the software (Contact us for more information about this device)
  • Anonymise Old Visit Data: This setting will allow for visits to be anonymised after a set number of days which can be entered beneath the checkbox
  • Send visit reminders by email to officers and visitors: This setting allows for officers and visitors to receive a reminder of the meeting, days or hours before the meeting. The administrator can set this by clicking the checkbox and filling in the section beneath. Days or hours can be selected from the drop-down selector.

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