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How do I provide my user account with access to the Payroll Module?

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Manage Users: Permissions for Payroll

After setting up your DataByte WorkForce account, select ‘Manage Users’ in the left-hand side menu of WorkForce. Select ‘Payroll’ from the drop-down menu to the far right and you can now provide yourself with Administrator access that will allow you full privileges within the system.

What are the different levels of access in DataByte Payroll?

Access for the payroll module is only needed for individuals who will be processing payroll, meaning that no employees (aside from the payroll officer) should be provided with access to the payroll module.

Organisation and Payroll Settings

Ensure that all of the required yellow fields within the Payroll page at this URL ( have been set. Be sure to click the check-boxes for ‘Pays Maternity Contribution’ and Calculate Social Security Contributions (SSC) only on Basic Salary if they apply.

Payroll Settings in WorkForce - Company Payroll Data

Note: Filling in and successfully saving these details are required in order to start processing payroll runs.

Setting up the account to create SEPA files

The SEPA file can be extracted from the payroll module in order to pay an organisation’s employees via direct bank transfer.

SEPA fields in WorkForce Payroll Settings

In order to set an account to be able to extract SEPA files, log in to DataByte WorkForce and click the ‘Settings’ item from the left-hand side menu and as the page has loaded, select the ‘Payroll Settings’ tab. Scrolling to the bottom of the page, will show a checkbox with the text Use SEPA, if clicked 3 mandatory fields appear.

All 3 field items should be provided by the bank, however in the case a bank provides you with just an ID, please fill in each text field with the single ID provided.

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