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How do I provide custom leave entitlements to some of my employees?

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Aside from the ‘Leave Types’ section, leave entitlements or custom leave entitlements can also be assigned from Setup > Employee Leave.

Employee Leave page

Note: This section can also be used for providing Part-Time employees with their leave entitlement every 3 months as recommended by the Inland Revenue Dept. The amount to enter would need to be the full entitlement for the 3 months plus whatever was available previously as a default entitlement. Any leave that was taken during the year will be deducted automatically.

This can be done by actioning the following and clicking the ‘Assign’ button once ready:

  • – Selecting the year, employee and Leave Type
  • – Listing default entitlement in hours
  • – Listing the minimum hours that an employee can book per day.

Adding Time in Lieu for an employee

If employees are to be provided with Time in Lieu, this can be done by adding hours to the Vacation Leave Entitlement of an employee. For example, If an employee has 200 hours of Vacation Leave Entitlement, and they are to be provided with 5 hours Time in Lieu, they should have their Vacation Leave Entitlement updated to 205 hours. This can be done by going to and:

  • – Selecting the year, employee and Leave Type: Vacation
  • – Adding to the default entitlement in hours
  • – Clicking the ‘Assign’ button.

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