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How do I process the data in Timekeeper once clockings have been made?

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Depending on the size of your organisation, it is best practice for small organisations to approve data on a weekly basis, and for larger organisations to approve data on a daily basis to avoid heavy processing work at the end of each week or month.

Night shift exceptions

WorkForce Timekeeper has the feature that allows Approvers or Administrators to be able to add extra clockings for employees who work night shifts, but are not set to work them in their working schedule.

To correct the errors that appear when an employee works an unexpected nightshift, go to the Approvals by Employee or by Date and in the event that a day is marked as red (meaning that there are missing clockings), click the icon shown below: This will create a clocking on the day where the employee punched in, as well as the next day where the employee punched out.

Note: We recommend using this feature with caution as adding incorrect clockings could cause incorrect reporting.


Approvals can be processed by date or by employee, and may be accessed by going to the Timekeeper module, expanding the ‘Approve’ section and selecting ‘By Date’ or ‘By Employee’.

Approvals by Employee page in Timekeeper. This is where you can approve working hours or overtime

If attendance is being approved by employee, you need to select a date range as well as an employee, and click ‘Refresh’ to view their hours. You may then check the data and make adjustments to any of the overtime entries where necessary. If you wish to approve all entries on the page, you may click the checkbox next to the top of the ‘Approved’ column, followed by the ‘Approve hours’ button at the bottom of the page.

Single days may also be approved by clicking the check boxes in the ‘Approve’ column for each day, followed by the ‘Approve hours’ button at the bottom of the page.

Note: In order for WorkForce Timekeeper to correctly display working hours, the software must receive an even number of clockings that follow an in-and-out sequence on everyday that the employee creates clockings.

By keeping this concept in mind, you will easily be able to make corrections in the event that clocking errors appear on the approval screen. Clocking corrections can be made in the forms of adding manual clockings, adding night-shift clocking adjustments or disabling clockings depending on the cause of the error appearing, and the situation that contributed to the error.

A missing clocking appearing in the Approvals by Employee page

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