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How do I process Payroll?

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To start processing your payroll, simply click ‘Process Payroll’ from the left-hand side menu of the WorkForce Payroll module, followed by the ‘Process’ button in actions column.

The ‘Process’ button will only appear for the first time a pay run is processed, after that point a ‘Reprocess’ button will appear and unless you would like to Reprocess employees without keeping previous parameters, the Payroll Administrator may skip the Reprocess stage and click the ‘Edit’ button.

Process Payroll screen prior to processing a payrun

After pressing the ‘Process’ Button, you will be shown a list of employees that will be included in the payment run. If all is well, the administrator may proceed by clicking ‘Process All’.

Process All Employees for Payroll

Following that step, a popup box will appear on the bottom, right-hand side of the screen which shows the status of the processing for that pay run. Once the processing is complete, the Payroll Administrator may click the ‘View Completed Payrun’ .

Processing Payrun ready - View completed Payrun

Note: If the number of employees on this list exceed your licensed software, a message showing that you are exceeding the license will be displayed. In the case that not all employees are showing in the list.

Hint: It is recommend that the Payroll Administrator does not click ‘Process All’ if they already intend to return to the ‘Manage Employees’ section to make further updates to the employees. Only once all employee updates are made, it is recommended for the Payroll Administrator to return to the payroll module to process payroll.

The administrator will then be presented with details per employee for the payment run, administrators can make adjustments as needed and after making each adjustment, the admin can click anywhere outside of the field that they amend in order for the payroll calculation to update automatically. Amendments can be made at a later time, simply log in to DataByte WorkForce, launch the Payroll module, click ‘Process Payroll’ followed by the ‘Edit’ button for the selected employee.

Payrun Details for an Employee

Hint: The Gross Pay shown on screen during the adjustment process is the Taxable Gross Pay. This value is displayed in order for the Payroll Administrator to understand the FSS Tax Calculation shown beneath.

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