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How do I process Payroll?

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To start processing your payroll, simply click ‘Process Payroll’ from the left-hand side menu of the WorkForce Payroll module, followed by the ‘Process’ button in actions column.

The ‘Process’ button will only appear for the first time a pay run is processed, after that point a ‘Reprocess’ and ‘edit’ button will appear as per below:

By clicking ‘Edit’ you will be directed to the Edit Payrun page:

To edit specific employees, simply click on the employee you wish to edit, this will direct you to the Payrun Details for that employee:

Editing the NI, Sickness, and Injury Benefits:

This part will allow you to edit the Remove N.I payments, Deduct Sickness Benefit and Deduct Injury Benefit.

NOTE: If an employee has no sick/injury in that specific run, the buttons will not show.

Editing values in Pre-Tax Additions, Pre-Tax Deductions, Post-Tax Additions and Post-Tax Deductions:

The lower part allows you to edit values such as: Pre-Tax Additions, Pre-Tax Deductions, Post-Tax Additions and Post-Tax deductions.

As soon as you input any values, a reprocess icon will appear next to the Amounts:

The same icon will appear next to the name of the employee on the left-hand side:

Updating from Manage Employees:

E.g: Changing an employees civil status from Single to Married. This of course needs to be changed from WorkForce people, then updated from the payrun.

Updating Employee Parameters:

To update any employee parameters, you may have adjusted from WorkForce People, for the payrun, simply click ‘Update Employee Parameters’:

The ‘Update Employee Parameters’ button will update the employee Parameters in the payrun that have been changed/updated from WorkForce People.

When clicking the ‘Update Employee Parameters’, the below will appear:

Furthermore, the system will let you know how many employees are waiting to be reprocessed:

Once you have edited all the necessary adjustments for the employees you can press the click here to be directed to the reprocess page.

Import Payrun without manual adjustments

For large companies, who have a lot of adjustments to input, you can do so by using the import payrun function:

For further information on how to use this function, kindly read this support article:

To Finalize a payrun, you need to make sure that the request reprocess has been done, or else the Finalize button will not be available:

After clicking reprocess, the below screen will appear, giving you a list of all the employees that will be reprocessed:

Click process all and the payrun will start processing, you can follow the progress bottom right of the screen:

After payrun is completed the Finalise button will be available for you to finalise the payrun:

For further information on how to finalise a payrun you can read the support article:

To search for more information on how to use WorkForce, please visit: