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How do I navigate through the software and launch the software modules?

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WorkForce Home

The WorkForce Home page is where any user arrives after logging in. Here they will be presented with an overview of available and active software module based on their access rights, together with additional options to Manage Users, Employees and Departments amongst other items that are all important in order to be able to use the software modules.

Products which the administrator or user has access to, will appear as active, whilst the rest are grey. For any active products, users can click the launch button to access the software module. By default, all products will appear as grey after registration and will require that an Administrator provide access rights.

WorkForce modules on Home screen

The left-hand side navigation will take you to the different sections of DataByte WorkForce, the top navigation allows you to create organisations (depending on your permissions) as well as switch between the different companies that you have access to in WorkForce.

WorkForce Organisation Selector

On the top, right-hand side, you have the options to view the application in Fullscreen, show/hide the left-hand side navigation, update your profile and password, and request support.

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