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How do I monitor user activity in WorkForce?

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An Audit Log can be accessed from the left-hand side menu of the Core WorkForce module –

This page provides a chronological set of records which shows the actions were performed in the Core WorkForce module, the other WorkForce modules used, and when they were performed.

WorkForce Audit Log

Records can be filtered by:

  • – Inserting a search term which relates to a description of an action, a user email address and an audit number
  • – Selecting one of the various Audit Operations
  • – Selecting a Product (e.g. Payroll, Leave, Timekeeper etc.)
  • – Selecting a From and To Date
  • – Clicking the Magnifying Glass icon.

Upon load, the page will show the full audit log, and should you wish to clear any filter settings, clicking the button on the far, right-hand side will clear the filter settings.

Note: Due to the new Audit Log format launched on the 9th June 2020, any previous Audit Log records can be found within the ‘Audit Archive’ that can be selected from the left-hand side menu of the Core WorkForce module.

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