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How do I manage visitor details?

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As explained in this article, a visitor can be added from the ‘Add Visit’ page when creating a new visit. When a new visitor is created, it is then saved in the system and can be added to future visits by using the search functionalities.

The ‘Manage Visitors’ gives the ability to update these visitors and create additional pre-defined visitors. To manage Visitors, go to Setup > Visitors. The top widget ‘Add Visitor’ is used to create / update visitors. Fill in at least the required fields (in yellow) and click the ‘Add’ button to create a visitor. This visitor will now be available when searching in the ‘Add Visit’ page (see section Searching for existing visitors).

Managing Visitor Details

The ‘Visitor List’ at the bottom of this page shows all the saved visitors. To update any of the visitors, click on the ‘Edit’ link and change the values in the top widget. Click the ‘Update’ button to save your changes.

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