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How do I insert employees into WorkForce?

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The details inserted into the Employees section in WorkForce can be used for all of the different WorkForce software modules.

Note: To create Employees in WorkForce, your user account must have Administrator permissions for WorkForce People. If you are a WorkForce Administrator, navigate to the ‘Manage Users’ section in WorkForce to provide yourself with Administrator permissions for WorkForce People, by selecting WorkForce People in the modules drop down menu and select the relative Administrator checkbox for your user account.

Employee Menu item in WorkForce People

To create Employees in WorkForce, ‘Launch’ WorkForce People and click on the Employees’ section from the left-hand side menu.

Next, click ‘Add’ in the menu that appeared after clicking on the Employees’ section.

Note: The ‘List’ option is available to see all employees inserted into the system, and on page load, WorkForce People Administrators have the option to edit employees.

You will now be able to insert employee data into the system. Please note that the format of this page contains Tabs containing fields will appear as active or inactive based on the selected product links that are selected which appear on the top, right-hand side of the page.

Product Links

Product Links represent the software modules which an Employee will appear in, based on the software licences purchased.

Product Links in WorkForce

In the example shown above, this employee is not linked to the 4th module in the list as the box is greyed-out. Hovering over a Product Link with your mouse will make a label appear for WorkForce People Administrators to easily identify which software module each box related to.

Additionally, each product has its own respective colour and allows to easily tell whether an employee is linked to a product, or not.

Required Tabs and Fields

Based on the Product Links selected, some Tabs and Fields will be marked as required. Tabs with a red star, and fields which are highlighted in yellow and with a grey star as shown below.

Required tabs and fields in WorkForce

Required fields need to be populated for the WorkForce software modules to function, whilst the other fields can be used to store data for any eventuality.

Saving Employee Data

After populating all the required fields (as a minimum requirement), click the ‘Save’ button shown below that will be available on the bottom, right-hand side of the screen. If further intervention is required, Warnings or Errors will appear.

Save button in WorkForce

Warnings and Errors

After Saving employee’s details, the system will validate the data inserted into the system, and if further intervention is needed, the system will throw:

  • Errors: Meaning that one or more changes to the populated content is required to the Employee’s data as it was not inserted correctly. Failing to correct Errors will result in the loss of the populated data unless correct and saved.
  • Warnings: Meaning that you might want to check the information inserted, as it may require correct formatting
Warnings and Errors in WorkForce

To see the Warnings and errors, simply click on a Tab shown in the list above, and the errors will be displayed accordingly. Clicking on the link in the error list, will take the user to a relevant tab accordingly.

Please see each article below accordingly in order to be able to create an employee correctly for each module accordingly:

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