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How do I import payroll additions and deductions without having to add them in manually?

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WorkForce Payroll allows Payroll Administrators to import adjustments into a pay run which can save a lot of time especially in the case of larger organisations.

To import adjustments, click this icon which can be found on the top, right-hand side of the Payrun Run Details page:

You will be presented with a screen where an MS Excel file can be uploaded. Beneath the upload section there are a number of file options that can be configured as well as used as a reference point to be able to create a file that is correct for upload.

The first option allows you to select at which line of the file the adjustments are imported from. In the case the file that an administrator is uploading contains titles, the import would need to start from the next line. The order listed for each item represents a column in the Excel file and the default field codes can be seen and edits by clicking the Edit Field Values link.

Bulk Payrun Import Tool

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