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How do I give access to other users to log in to the system?

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The ‘Manage Users’ section allows for administrators to invite or add users to use the software, as well as to provide permissions to users. Each product has its own set of permissions which will allow product-specific roles.

Users can be added or invited via the 2 blue buttons on the top, right-hand side of the page. Hovering over these buttons will indicate the function of each button. Reporting for all of the WorkForce software module (not including WorkForce Visitors or Task Tracker) are available from WorkForce and the respective software modules.

Add or Invite users to WorkForce

The options available to add users to the system are:

  • Invite User: With this option, an administrator can provide the system with a First Name, Last Name and Email address. After inserting an saving this information the invited user will receive an email where they will need to click on the call to action button to verify their email address, after which they will be prompted to create a password, confirm their password and finally, they will be able to login.
  • Add User: With this option, an administrator can provide the system with a First Name, Last Name, Email address and Password. After inserting and saving this information, the added user will receive an email and can get started by clicking the call to action button within the email to proceed to login. It is advised that when adding a user, you provide them with the password created for them

In order for an Administrator to provide permissions for WorkForce and its different software modules, the administrator would need to select the drop-down menu to the far right of the page. After selecting a module from this drop-down menu, the users’ permissions will appear and can be edited accordingly via ticking or unticking the checkboxes next to each user. Information about specific roles is available on the documentation for each software module which can be found here:

Note: More information can be found in the Manage Users section of this document.

Tip: When creating a new organisation it is essential for the administrator to go to the mentioned page for each product and give themselves ‘Administrator Permissions‘.

WorkForce Manage Users page

New Users

The invited user will receive an email containing a link to follow, which will take them to the registration screen to fill in the rest of their details. Once submitted, the new user will be linked to the organisation.

Existing Users

The invited user will receive an email containing a link to follow to be able to accept the invitation to join the organisation.

Deleting Users from the system

Any users can be removed from the system, to remove users click the trash can icon next to the name of any user.

Employee Link and Employee Portal

Users can be linked to system ‘employees’ by clicking on the checkbox. You can link a user to a new employee or an existing employee. If the user is a new employee, select the box accordingly and complete all data as necessary.

If a user already exists in the system, expand the list of the users and select the correct one:

Linking an Employee in WorkForce

Verified Users

If a user has correctly verified their email address, a blue icon will appear under the verified column as an indicator of this.Once aUser is linked to an Employee, they will automatically receive access to the Employee Self Service Portal where they will be able to see (based on licenced modules and items pushed to the Employee Portal by the Payroll Administrator): The day’s clockings,Payslips, FS3s, Team members on Leave for that day, That day’s visits, Upcoming Leave and current tasks assigned.

Note: Please see the Managing Employees section within our Knowledge Base for more information on creating a new employee.

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