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How do I extract reports from WorkForce?

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All Reports from WorkForce, Payroll and Leave can be accessed from the left-hand side menu of WorkForce and the respective software modules. Whilst, Timekeeper and WorkForce Visitors Reports are available from the left-hand side menu of the specific software modules respectively.

WorkForce Reports section
The WorkForce Reporting Section displaying reports for the WorkForce, Payroll and Leave modules
Timekeeper Reporting Section
The Timekeeper Reporting Section

How do I generate reports from WorkForce, Payroll, Leave and Timekeeper?

Once you have arrived on the WorkForce Reports section, or the Timekeeper Reports section, simply click on the report that you would like to generate and a number of settings will appear in order for the report to be configured to your needs.

After including all necessary settings for a report, click the ‘Generate’ button on the, bottom, right-hand side of the section and you will be provided with a number of options which relate to either generating the report in a specific file format.

In the case of the Payslip reports you will be provided with the option to send a report to the employee portal, or by email.

Timekeeper Reports page

After clicking the ‘Generate’ button, the report that is being generated will appear below the Report Settings section and once generated can be seen and downloaded by clicking the icon shown below:

Icon to view reports

How do I generate a report from Visitors?

Access the Visitors module from WorkForce, and a reports section is available in the left-hand side menu. Click to expand the menu item and you will be presented with 2 different reports. Simply click on one of the reports, set the report settings available and click the submit button to view the generated report.

WorkForce Visitors module Reporting Section
The Complete Report in the WorkForce Visitors module

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