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How do I extract a Direct Credit SEPA file to send to the bank?

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How to setup the system to generate SEPA files

In order to create SEPA files with data, administrators need to ensure that they fill in the Direct Credit section for any employees who would like to be paid via a bank transfer as well as fill in the SEPA section in the Payroll Settings.

To add the company’s SEPA details into the Payroll settings, start by selecting ‘Settings’ and then ‘Payroll’ from the left-hand side menu of the main WorkForce module. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tick the ‘Use SEPA’ option.

Payroll Setting to generate SEPA files

This action will allow for number of new fields to appear on the page. In order for the system to be able to generate valid SEPA files that would be accepted by the bank, these fields need to be filled in correctly. The ‘Bank Service ID’, ‘Bank Customer Code’ and ‘SEPA ZIP’ Password are provided by your bank. Should your bank not provide you with a ‘SEPA ZIP Password’, please insert your own. Click on ‘Save’ in order for the system to store the data you inserted. After saving the SEPA settings, a new menu item called SEPA will be created after you launch the Payroll module.

Note: Please note that some banks now require the correct Company Address to be included in the SEPA file. For this, expand the settings menu and click Organisation. Next, check to ensure that the address listed is correct.

Salary Details Tab

The next step is to fill in the SEPA details for all your employees. To do this, launch the People module> Employees > List. Next you would need to click ‘Edit/View’ on an employee that will be paid via bank transfer, select the Salary Details tab, the last section of this tab is the Direct Credit Details.

Tick the ‘Add to payrun SEPA file’ and ‘Add New Direct Credit Record:

Fill out employees bank details

Add/Edit the Direct Credit details of the employee and Save.

How to Extract a SEPA file

To generate the file, you will need to finalise a payrun, then click ‘Generate’ and the file will download to location that is specified within your web-browser to store files.

SEPA Direct Credit File Export

Hint: You can check the SEPA file by opening it in a Text Pad application, like Notepad on Windows.

How to extract a mid-month SEPA file

Start by processing the pay run for which the mid-month payment is required and finalised it in order to be able to extract the mid-month file.

Example: If you want to extract the mid-month SEPA file for run 5, process and finalise run 5.

Once a run is finalised, it will appear in the SEPA section and you will need to click the mid-month checkbox to extract the file as needed.

To continue making adjustments to the payun in question at end of the month, you will then need to undo the pay run, click the edit button when on the Process Payroll screen, and you will then be able to make the adjustments needed for the month (including overtime, etc).

After that point you will be able to finalise the run again and extract the SEPA file without clicking the mid-month checkbox.

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