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How do I enroll employees’ by adding their fingerprints, face data and/or RFID cards to the punch clock?

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After the device has stopped syncing and downloading all employee data available from WorkForce, the final step in order to verify clockings would be to insert fingerprints, face data and/or RFID cards to the punch clock for each employee.

Below is the step-by-step process of how to add fingerprints, face data and/or RFID cards to the punch clock:

  • – Log in to the device menu: Press M/OK and Please verify will appear on the device screen. Log in to the device as an Administrator.
  • – You will arrive at the main menu of the device and selected, there would be User Mng., press M/OK
  • – You would then arrive at another menu and New User will be highlighted, use the arrows on the keypad to navigate to Edit and press M/OK
  • – Select the user you would like to enroll onto the punch clock from the list
  • – Use the down arrow on the keypad to select Fingerprint and press M/OK (You may also select Face or Badge Number should you choose to use other methods of verification)
  • – Ask the employee to put their finger onto the fingerprint sensor and ask them to repeat the process twice to allow the device to scan that finger a total of 3 times successfully (On-screen instructions are also provided for enrolling users with face-recognition and RFID cards)
  • – You can then scan more fingers if you press M/OK and follow the on-screen steps, or if you click ESC, the device will save the fingerprint/s entered
  • – When back on the menu for a New user, you may also add a name for the user to make their entry easily identifiable (This can be done automatically by the punch clock, if TimeKeeper Settings in WorkForce are set to Sync Employee Names)
  • – After pressing ESC, the punch clock the employee data would be saved.

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