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How do I create employees or officers for WorkForce Visitors?

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To understand how to insert employee data, please see the article before proceeding: How do I insert employees into WorkForce?

Start by selecting the Visitors Product Link for the Employee as shown below. If you have licences for other software modules which you would like to use, please select them at this time and populate the data accordingly.

Product Link for Visitors in WorkForce

General Tab

When populating the employee details in this tab, please ensure that every employee is provided with a unique employee number and ID card number.

General Employee Details Tab in WorkForce

Employment Periods Tab

Employment Periods Tab in WorkForce

Simply click the ‘Add New Employment Period’ link. A lightbox will appear, and the Engagement Date can be added in. Click ‘Save’ to continue.

Employee Periods Lightbox in WorkForce

To insert a termination date at a later date, simply return to this tab, click ‘Update’ in the row of the employment period, insert a termination date, and finally click ‘Save’.

Note: Click the ‘Save’ button and check to ensure that there are no errors to ensure that the employee has been inserted into the system.

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