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How do I connect my punch clock and add employees to it?

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Note: These instructions cover Time & Attendance devices purchased from DataByte between 2017 and present, containing Face recognition, Fingerprint and RFID scanners.

After employees have been added into WorkForce and linked to Timekeeper with a Badge ID, we recommend that you:

  • – Power-up your punch clock with electricity, via the transformer provided in the box
  • – Connect your punch to the internet (via a network cable or Wi-Fi, depending on your device)
  • – Ensure that it has been placed into it’s bracket as per the instructions available in the packaging as to avoid the device being tampered with
  • – In order to check if your devices are linked to your account, please go to this page:

Note: DataByte Support Agents will generally set up the devices with the software for you in advance.

Tip: In the event of issues with the punch clock connection, the last 2 icons on the top, right-hand side of the device screen will display red markings. Should your network administrator be able confirm that the network with which the punch clock is connecting has internet available, please ask them to check the Ethernet section within the COMM. menu on the punch clock and if all network settings are correct, to get in touch with a DataByte Support Agent in order to be able to troubleshoot the issue.

After the above points have been carried out, the punch clock will restart automatically as it will be importing the employee entries inserted into WorkForce on the punch clock.

Please allow a few minutes for this process to be completed, the punch clock will also display to green opposing arrows on the top right-hand side of the screen.

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