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How do I close off the year and carry forward or pay my employees for any additional leave?

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Before starting the end of year process, you must make sure that there are no leave requests waiting for approval, if this is the case, first you need to approve all pending leave requests. The system will not allow you to proceed unless all leave is approved, rejected, or deleted.

End Of Year – Leave

The purpose of the End of Year process is for the Administrators to decide if the employees will be paid or allowed to carry forward the remaining entitlement from the previous year.

This process should be done as the last step of the year since employees will not be able to request any leave for the closed year.

Launch Leave Module and from the left-hand side menu and press on End OF Year

Press End of Year

Select year of the leave you wish to carry forward, and the Leave type necessary to carry forward:

Click on the green button: Process End of Year

Click Refresh Hyperlink

Upon clicking the Refresh hyperlink, the below page will appear:

Showing a list of all the employees and their remaining leave entitlement. You can carry forward their entitlement by two means:

-either you pay the employee:

Note: Paid leave from a previous year will be paid according to the date of the pay run. In the case of a monthly pay run, if you run the end of year Leave process on any day in January, then the leave will be paid in the first pay run of that year. In the case of a weekly pay run, if you run the end of year Leave process on the 27th January 2021, the leave will be paid within the pay run that is being processed during that week, 24th to 30th January 2021 or 25th to 31st January 2021 depending on your Year Initialisation settings. If a pay run is finalised, the payment for leave will always be made in the next pay run.

-Or this entitlement is carried forward as leave hours. You also have the option to set an end date for the carried forward leave.

The green tick means that this employees data has been processed.

The sort and filter button:   allows you to sort by order in ascending or descending, by employee first/last name, employee number, remaining hours, pay, carry forward or the carry forward until.

Sort & Filter button
Sort Order
Sort By

Whilst allowing you to filter by employees (processed/unprocessed), remaining hours, and value to compare:

Filter by employees
Filter by Remaining Hours

To update more than one employee you can press this button which will tick all the employees in that page (like it’s a bulk function):

Bulk Function (Update selected employees (20)

Upon ticking that box, the Update selected employees button becomes available to click on it too:

Bulk Function

When clicking on it, it will allow you to insert details such as paid hours or carry forward hours (or both) and to mark the end date until the carried forward leave must be taken:

Note: The change will happen to the selected employees only.

Update All Employees

Or else you can opt to insert everything manually. Once everyone has the remaining pay or carry forward hours sorted you can press the green button Finalise End of year.

Undo End Of Year

Once the leave (any leave type) is processed, users cannot book leave. However, all changes can be reversed when clicking on the ‘Undo End of Year’:

Red Button – Undo End of Year

Please also note, that by undoing the End of Year process you will then be able to add/update any leave requests.

Once a process is undone, all employees End of Year data already changed will be lost. Please note this action cannot be undone.

To perform the Undo End of Year you have to confirm that you understood the above by ticking the box:

Undo End of Year Notification

To really process the changes when applying the End of Year, you must click on ‘Finalise End of Year’

Finalise End of Year

Upon clicking the Finalise End of Year button you will be prompted with some important information that will happen once you press the Finalise button:

Finalise End of Year Notification

The End of year must be repeated for each leave type.

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