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How do I change the engagement or termination date of an employee who has already been processed in a pay run?

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In the event that you try to add new engagement or termination dates to an employee, the system will throw an error and not allow for the change to be made due to there being finalised pay runs in which these employee already appears.

To include a new engagement or termination date for an employee, you will need to undo up until the pay run before the engagement or termination data for the employee.

You can do this by seeing this article:

After making the change in the employee entry for the employee in question from WorkForce People, you will need to reprocess the effected employee (who had an update made to their data), and if there are any additional pay runs after that which need to be finalised but not updated, those pay runs can be finalised without the need of any reprocessing.

It is important to note that the software will require you to reprocess the employee in the pay run where a change was made as adding in an engagement or termination date mid-way during the month, will change the parameters on which your employee is being paid.

You can reprocess just the affected employee by clicking the ‘Edit’ button on the Process Payroll page, and selecting the employee from the list upon load of the pay run page.

If you are removing an employee from pay runs, you would be required to reprocess all the employees to remove the employee from the run. In fact, the system in this case, will not allow you to click the ‘Edit’ button on the Process Payroll page.

It is very important to note that when you are processing all the employees, you will need to keep the Previous Parameters option (as shown below) set as true, as not doing so might affect other employees who had their parameters changed after the pay run in question was processed the first time.

Note: If you are adding one or more employees to a pay run that has already been processed, additional software licences may be required, depending on how many licences had already been used to process the pay run initially.

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