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For Payroll Agencies: Buying or renewing WorkForce licences

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Accessing the licencing page

Start by ensuring that you have access as a WorkForce Administrator access to the main company of your set up. The main company is noted in your ‘Current Organisation’ drop-down list. In the case shown below, the main company is ‘ACME Accounting Services Malta’.

Next, click to access the ‘Licence Calendar’ from the left-hand side navigation of the main WorkForce module. Alternatively, the page can be accessed by clicking this link:

Part of the WorkForce Licencing calendar

How to buy licences for 1 or more companies

Start by scrolling down the page to see the Shopping Cart on the bottom, right-hand side of the page to select the company or client you wish to buy licences for by selecting a company in the tenant list:

After selecting a company, you will need to scroll upwards to select a date range for which you would like to purchase licences and add the number of licences that you would like to be licenced for, for each software module. Once ready, click the ‘Create Licences’ button.

The section to administrators use to add or update licences in WorkForce

Notes: As Leave licences are provided with every Payroll licence, you do not need to insert a number of licences for Leave as the system will provide Leave licences automatically.

How to update licences

To update already existing licences, start by selecting the company you wish to add more licences to by selecting a company from the Tenant drop-down menu on the shopping cart as shown above. The system requires an administrator to put in the number of licences that they wish to purchase, plus the number of licences that they already have in their system. To provide a practical example, if you have 5 licences and wish to purchase another 5, you would need to add 10 as the number of licences in the module shown above.

Licences can also be updated directly on the calendar, simply click one of the licences that you already have and you will be presented with a popup window where you can insert the full number of licences that you would like to appear for that specific module. After inserting the number of licences, click the ‘Save Changes’ button and proceed to the shopping cart section of the page.

The section to update an already existing licence in WorkForce

Should you wish to purchase licences for more than one company, you are free to select another tenant from the shopping cart, and you can repeat the process listed above.

Paying for WorkForce Licences

Once ready from adding licences to multiple tenants, the shopping cart will show the cost of the licences for all companies. By clicking the ‘Show Breakdown’ link, you will be able to see how the cost of your software licences are split.

The WorkForce shopping cart showing the total cost of licences added with 2 payment options. Paypal or Stripe.

To purchase, click on the PayPal or Credit Card button to proceed.

Note: In the event that an organisation does not have a PayPal account, an administrator can click the Debit or Credit Card button and will be prompted to add their card details to complete their purchase.

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