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How do I buy or renew licences for WorkForce modules?

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To purchase a licence, you can use the ‘Licence Renewal’ page in WorkForce, this page can be accessed from the left-hand side navigation of the main WorkForce module. Alternatively, the page can be accessed by clicking this link:

This page displays a calendar with all the current licences and each product is denoted by its own unique colour as shown below.

Buying new Licences

The below is the new display for the Licence Renewals of all the Modules provided by DataByte.

Start by selecting the Module you would like to renew, as soon as you click on it, a pop up as per below will allow appear:

This will allow you to add the necessary details such as the date from and to and for how many employees you wish to buy the licences for:

Note: Number of Employees must be in batches of 5.

Note: To update already existing licences, the system requires an administrator to put in the number of licences that they wish to purchase, plus the number of licences that they already have in their system. To provide a practical example, if you have 5 licences and wish to purchase another 5, you will need to add 10 as the number of licences you would like to purchase.

After inserting all the necessary details, simply press the Add to Cart button and to the right-hand side of the screen you will see the details:

You can buy more licences and Add to Cart:

The cart will keep updating with each licence you buy:

Please note you can buy for different periods and different numbers of employees for each module chosen as per above screenshot.

Once you are satisfied with your cart, simply click on Pay Now if you would like to pay with your Credit/Debit card or click on Other Methods of Payment for PayPal.