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How do I administer leave in bulk for multiple employees?

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Note: This article shows an alternative method to administering leave for employees. One-off leave requests can be made from the Leave Calendar or by using this solution shown below.

To administer leave in bulk for multiple employees, visit this URL after you have logged into WorkForce:

Leave Request form page

Start by clicking on an employee for whom you would like to administer leave and their leave entitlements will appear on the right-hand side of the screen:

Leave Entitlements for a selected Employee

Next select the Leave Type that you would like to use for the employee, and a new section will appear beneath the leave entitlements, where the leave dates and the number of hours required for leave can be inserted:

Leave Entitlement to be used for leave request selected. Section appears where the leave dates and the number of hours required for leave can be inserted.

You can proceed to include a Start Date and End Date for leave, and select ‘Is All Day’ or alternatively a Start Time and End Time for the single or multiple days selected, followed by a click on the ‘Add’ text to the right hand side. Additional days can also be added for the employee by repeating the same process. Once all days have been added, click the blue ‘Validate’ button on the bottom, right-hand side of the screen.

The validation part of this process is in place to make sure that the days requested as leave are part of the employees’ working schedule, and to ensure that there are no double leave bookings made.

Note: If an employee is set as Working Flexible Hours in their Working Schedule, it is important to note that the ‘Is All Day’ option will not be available as the system does not have a means to know how long a full day is for this type of employee, and any weekday or weekend will be included with the leave request if it is selected.

Leave Dates added onto the page

Should any days outside of the employees working schedule have been included, the system will throw a warning as shown below, and the row can be removed by clicking the ‘Remove’ link to the right- hand side of the row.

After which, a new row can be added. Should you proceed to request the leave with the errorous selected date, it will not be included.

Note: You can proceed with requesting the leave after the Warning appears, as any days that have been validated as incorrect, will not be requested as leave.

Leave request form with warning

Once you have validated and corrected any rows that need fixing, you will be able to click the green request button on the bottom, right hand side of the page to finalise the process.

Once the administration for the employee has been completed, you will be able to see the reduction from the leave entitlement if it does not require approval based on how it was set. Alternatively, if it does require approval, you will be able to see the number of hours requested underneath the Pending column as shown below.

Leave Entitlement after Leave have been administered

To repeat the process for another employee, simply select their name in the list, and repeat this process.

Note: Should you be uncertain of leave requests made for a specific employee during this process, you may click on the employee in question, followed by the leave entitlement used, and the section below will appear with the newly added leave requests added, highlighted in green as shown below:

Newly created Leave Requests highlighted in green

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