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How do I add a visit into the system?

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On the ‘Home Page’, visits can be added either by clicking the ‘Add Visit’ button above the visit list, or by clicking the ‘+’ button on an existing visit to extend it and add another visitor to it. Adding a visit is divided into two sections:

  • – Visit details: Date, time, Officer and additional remarks
  • – Visitor details: Visitor information and assigned tag

Visit Details

The Date & Time fields are automatically filled with the current date and time, but can be changed to create appointments in the future or in the past.

By default, the visit is marked as ‘Checked In’ assuming that the visitor has already entered the premises. An officer has to be selected to be the destination of this visit.

Visit details section

Visitor Details

The only required fields are Name, Surname and Nationality of the visitor. The rest of the fields can be left empty however it is not recommended. The last two fields are to specify the company of the visitor and the tag that is going to be assigned. If visitors present themselves without appointment or without company, the ‘company’ option should be set as Walk-In.

Visitor details section

Searching for existing visitors

When visitors are added either from the ‘Add Visit’ page or from the ‘Visitors’ set-up page, they are saved in the system and therefore a search can be performed to retrieve details of a specific visitor. Visitors are searched by ID Card Number in the ‘Visitor Details’ field when typing in the text box, retrieving real-time results of what is being typed.

If one of the results from the list is selected, the rest of the form is then automatically filled in with the visitor’s data. Optionally, you can search for a visitor by clicking on the ‘search’ button on the top-right corner of the widget. A pop-up will appear to give the functionality to search by any other field of the visitor, instead of searching by ID Card Number.

It is important to note that data of a visitor retrieved by a search can be modified by changing the values of the form, and ultimately updated when saving the visit.

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