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How do Employees use the Remote Clocking feature?

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Note: Please ensure that employees who are required to Clock-in Remotely have been provided with the Mobile User permission.

In the case that you have employees who are either working remotely or not starting or ending their working day at the company premises, Timekeeper allows for punching-in to take place remotely.

Employees can do this by:

  • WorkForce Android Mobile App

    Downloading, Launching and signing into the WorkForce Android Mobile App, Clicking on Punch In/Out, and they will arrive on a new page, showing their location. The process will be finalised once the Green Punch button at the bottom of the screen is clicked.
Remote Clocking page on WorkForce Android Mobile App
Remote Clocking page on WorkForce Android Mobile App


  • WorkForce WebApp

    Logging into WorkForce from, launching the Timekeeper module and clicking on ‘Clockings’, followed by ‘Add Remote Clocking’ and finally ‘Clock-in’.
Remote Clocking page on WorkForce Software

Note: If a user logs in with a device that does not support GPS or in the event that a GPS location cannot be provided by the device at the time of clocking, the location of the relevant data center that was used when the clocking was made, will be provided instead. The location of where the clocking will be registered is shown, as in these cases, the user will be able to alert the administration team.

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