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How can I apply for leave?

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A WorkForce Administrator or the HR team should provide an employee with a user account to request leave by accessing DataByte Leave.

Once the employee has been invited to use WorkForce, the employee can login by simply visiting

Once you login the below will appear: 

You can launch the Leave module so that you can book leave, this will take you to the right screen immediately: 

You can request leave from this screen by selecting the correct date/s: Date from – Date To, your name will already be in the relevant field then select the leave type you wish to apply for.  

If you want a full-day of leave you can leave everything as is, and if you want specific hours, you un-tick the full-day option and choose the time from and to: 

Once all the details are inputted: 

Once happy with the details, press Book Leave.

To view your Leave Requests, Click on ‘View Requests’:

Using the new Filter Shortcuts, will help you view your requests.

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