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How are manual payroll adjustments made?

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Hint: It is recommend that any payroll adjustments are made just before finalising a pay run. The reason for this recommendation is that for some pay runs the Payroll Administrator may need to update employee data in WorkForce which would require them to ‘Edit’ a pay run, select an employee, and click the ‘Reset’ button in order to refresh the employee’s data for that pay run. To understand the difference between the Process/Reprocess and Reset buttons, please see the section above.

Updates to the payroll calculation may be made from the tabbed sections underneath the payslip overview as shown below. When a field value is changed from the screen shown above, the Gross and Net Pay are calculated in real time and this is denoted by a spinner icon next to the affected fields whilst it is being recalculated. Most field names within these tabs may be customized from the ‘Field Configuration’ option in Payroll ‘Settings’.

Fixed Payroll Data

If Fixed Payroll Data is added within the Manage Employees entry for an employee, the rate or amount added for a particular field will appear. In the event that a rate has been added, the user would need to add a unit which would result in an amount appearing.

Adjustments to National Insurance

Payroll law in Malta allows for N.I. to be deducted. Adjustments can be made by clicking the deduction buttons shown below:

N.I. Adjustment Controls

When selecting the deduction button, you will be provided with several checkboxes, where you can choose the Mondays for which N.I. will not be deducted. Please select the same button to add back any Mondays for which N.I. was removed. Please note that you will need to click the ‘Save’ button for any changes to appear on the pay run. 

Sick Leave and Injury Leave Benefit Deductions

Both types of Leave benefit Deductions can be applied by selecting the days that will be presented when you select the one of the buttons shown below accordingly:

Sick Leave and Injury Leave Benefit Deduction controls

Hint: In order for days to appear in either benefits section, the employee would need to have Sick or Injury Leave approved within the DataByte Leave Module. Even though the Leave Module is available for free with the Payroll Module, in the event that a client is not making use of the Leave Management System, the Leave deductions would need to be inserted as manual adjustments.

Note: Provision of Leave Entitlements on payslip is a requirement for the near future, that is why it is recommended that the Leave software module is adopted at the same time as the Payroll software module.

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