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For Payroll Agencies: Buying or renewing WorkForce licences

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Accessing the licencing page

Start by ensuring that you have as a WorkForce Administrator access to the main company of your set up. The main company is noted in your ‘Current Organisation’ drop-down list. In the case shown below, the main company is ‘Rotate Payroll Agency LTD’.

Next, click to access the ‘Licence Renewal’ from the left-hand side navigation of the main WorkForce module. Alternatively, the page can be accessed by clicking this link:

The above screenshot is how the new licence calendar page for Bureaus looks like.

Once the child company whom licences must be bought for is chosen from the drop down only the 2 modules linked with the company will be available, In case of Bureaus Payroll (and free leave) as per above screenshot.

To buy the licences simply click on the payroll box, and a pop up will allow you to insert the necessary details such as date from and to, and for how many employees as per below:

And click Add to Cart.

Same procedure applies with all the child companies that need their licence to be renewed. Once you add the licences for each company, the cart will look something like the below screenshot:

If you are satisfied with your cart, proceed to click on Pay Now to affect the payment:

The Bureau Tab:

The Bureau page will facilitate the life of those Bureaus who purchase licences every month.

Note: Only Bureau clients with already bought licences will be shown under the Bureau list, new clients with no licences can be bought for the first time from the Calendar.

The Bureau tab will facilitate your life, because if in the previous months there were licences, you simply need to click on the button, Calculate for Next Month:

Clicking on this button, will automatically list you the child companies, the last licenced period and for how many employees they were purchased:

If you want different employees for next month (July 2022), click on the box next to the companies, this will allow you to change the number of licences for the upcoming month:

Once the licences for the upcoming month have been updated, click Add to Cart and proceed with the payment as usual.